[jdom-interest] following J2SE 5

Filippo Carone f.carone at fastwebnet.it
Mon Nov 29 07:38:50 PST 2004

* Jason Winnebeck (gillius at mail.rit.edu) ha scritto:
> I believe that can occur if the class files are out of date?
> Or maybe I'm thinking of MethodNotFoundException.  Or maybe this is the 
> exception that occurs when invoking methods through reflection.

 The error occurred for a wrong use of generics I did in the
FilterList class. Anyway now everything is fine.
 I also run the tests in the jdom-test cvs module and all ended
without any errors (I removed some checks on the types, typically the
ones where a wrong class is added in a collection of, say, Content,
since these are prevented by the use of generics itself).

 The last version of the code can be get from the svn repository I
gave in this thread.

 This said, I'd like to hear if there's interest in keeping up to date
this "experimental" build with the main tree.


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