[jdom-interest] type safety

Jason Hunter jhunter at xquery.com
Thu Nov 25 09:03:35 PST 2004

Filippo Carone wrote:

> * Jason Hunter (jhunter at xquery.com) ha scritto:
>>JDOM could make use of several J2SE 5.0 features, especially generics, 
>>but we naturally don't want to make J2SE 5.0 a minimum requirement.  We 
>>may decide to create alternative J2SE 5.0 specific (experimental) builds.
>  Ok, this seems a very good point to me. I have prepared such an
> experimental build, "porting" the jdom-1.0 stable version to
> J2SE 5.0. Should I send you the patch for a review?

Sure, fire away.


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