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Thanks to your reply I found the answer.  Actually the MS950 is defined in


Seems to have changed its name in 1.4!

Thanks for your help.


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Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately this xml page was defined by a
different company and I have to use it without modification (I do not know
how they came about MS950).  I will try downloading the international
charset but if this fails is there a way of disabling the encoding check
(basically just ignore this field and parse the rest of the document)?



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Stuart wrote:

> Could someone advice me as to which encoding formats are supported by the
> SAXBuilder AND does anyone know of a parser (ideally a free one) that can
> used with JDOM that supports encoding of type MS950 (I think this is Big5
> but I'm not sure).

It depends completely on your VM. JDOM does not add any encodings of its
own. It supports whatever the local VM supports, no more, no less. I'm
not sure what Ms950 is, but it's not listed as supported in Java 1.4.2:


Possibly you mean Cp950?

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