[jdom-interest] [ANN] nux-1.0beta2 release

Wolfgang Hoschek whoschek at lbl.gov
Sun Nov 14 23:16:40 PST 2004

This is to announce the nux-1.0beta2 release (http://dsd.lbl.gov/nux/).

Nux is a small, straightforward, and surprisingly effective open-source 
extension of the  XOM XML library.

Features include:
	• 	Seamless W3C XQuery and XPath support for XOM, through Saxon.
	• 	Efficient and flexible pools and factories for XQueries, XSL 
Transforms, as well as Builders that validate against various schema 
languages, including W3C XML Schemas, DTDs, RELAX NG, Schematron, etc.
	• 	Serialization and deserialization of XOM XML documents to and from  
an efficient and compact custom binary XML data format (bnux format), 
without loss or change of any information.
	• 	For simple and complex continuous queries and/or transformations 
over very large or infinitely long XML input, a convenient streaming 
path filter API combines full XQuery support with straightforward 
	• 	Glue for integration with JAXB and for queries over ill-formed HTML.
	• 	Well documented API. Ships in a jar file that weighs just 60 KB.


XOM serialization and deserialization performance is more than good 
enough for most purposes. However, for particularly stringent 
performance requirements this release adds "bnux", an option for 
lightning-fast binary XML serialization and deserialization. 
Contrasting bnux with XOM:

	• 	Serialization speedup: 2-7 (10-35 MB/s vs. 5 MB/s)
	• 	Deserialization speedup: 4-10 (20-50 MB/s vs. 5 MB/s)
	• 	XML data compression factor: 1.5 - 4

For a detailed discussion and background see 

Wolfgang Hoschek
Distributed Systems Department
Berkeley Laboratory

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