[jdom-interest] Re: Document

Patrick Simon simon at staatsanzeiger-online-logistik.de
Tue May 11 05:54:35 PDT 2004

just a suggestion:
Could be the virus sends the mail as a background-process without him 
even noticing?
In that case s.o. should notify him ;-)


James Cook wrote:

> Second virus from this guy in two days.
> Perhaps he needs some guidance in handling attachments?
>     -----Original Message-----
>     *From:* brett at newInstance.com [mailto:brett at newInstance.com]
>     *Sent:* 11 May 2004 18:47
>     *To:* jdom-interest at jdom.org
>     *Subject:* [jdom-interest] Re: Document
>     Please, have a look at the attached file.

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