[jdom-interest] Issue with Doctype (systemId , publicId whitespace)

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Tue May 11 01:15:21 PDT 2004

Collin VanDyck wrote:
> I'm using JDOM b8, and having a little bit of trouble assigning a 
> DocType to my Document.  I assign the DocType to my document:
> DocType newDocType = new DocType(document.getRootElement().getName());
> newDocType.setPublicID(publicId);
> newDocType.setSystemID(systemId);
> document.setDocType(newDocType);
> This executes without error.  However, transforming this Document at a 
> later point gives me the error:
> [Fatal Error] :1:53: White spaces are required between publicId and 
> systemId.
> And the doctype is then removed from the Document.
> Any idea on what could be causing this?  Is this a bug in JDOM?  I have 
> tried padding the publicId and systemId with whitespaces, but with no 
> success.

This is a bug in SAXOutputter.

> I saw a similar problem online:
> http://www.junlu.com/msg/49224.html

This is exactly the same problem and a patch was proposed which also applies 
to your JDOM version :
  - Look for the method dtdEvents(Document document).
    In the following code:
                // No internal subset defined => Try to parse original DTD
                if ((publicID != null) || (systemID != null)) {
                     if (publicID != null) {
                         buf.append(" PUBLIC ");
                     else {
                         buf.append(" SYSTEM ");
                 else {
                     // Doctype is totally empty! => Skip parsing

    Replace the lines:
                         buf.append(" SYSTEM ");
                         buf.append(" SYSTEM");
                     buf.append(" \"").append(systemID).append('\"');

For the "Fatal error" message display issue, you need to patch the 
createDTDParser() method : Just before the return statement, at the end of 
method, insert the following line :
         parser.setErrorHandler(new DefaultHandler());

Hope this helps,


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