[jdom-interest] How can I find jdom.jar compatible with jdk v1.1

장 대원 daewonjang at hotmail.com
Sun May 9 08:40:37 PDT 2004

My program should be run on MS jvm which supports only jdk 1.1.
I have to convert my java program to Windows COM component. So I need jdom 
compatible with jdk 1.1

I found a message about this compatibility at FAQ page of JDOM site.


According to that message I can use old version of jdom for my project. But 
I don't know where can I find it. I thought i can use beta 3 of jdom but 
after check out the source of it I found it's not compatible with jdk 1.1. 
It uses some collection classes of jdk 1.2

help me plz... :-)

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