[jdom-interest] setExpandEntities and XMLOutputter behaviour

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Thu May 6 06:23:10 PDT 2004

Manish Sharan wrote:
> When I set saxBuilder.setExpandEntities(false)  and  output the docment
> using XMLOutputter, the XMLOutputter includes all the external DTDs 
> within the Doctype declaration. This does not happen when
> setExpandEntities(true) is used.
> I am aware that an XML parser will by default load the external DTD files
> but Is there a way to ensure that the XMLOutputter does not include them
> (the external DTDs)in its output.

Can't you remove the DocType object from the Document before outputting it, 
using Document.setDocType(null) ?


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