[jdom-interest] ElementScanner - causing SAXHandler to mistake nonroot element for root element

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Wed May 5 08:58:16 PDT 2004

Richard Allen wrote:
> Your solution sounds good.
> I just checked the activeRules hashmap gets entries removed in
> endElement().. otherwise we would have ended up building all the elements
> after the first match was found... It does get cleaned up so this patch
> should give a nice solution.
> Doesn't this warrant a case for moving the FragmentHandler class from being
> an inner class (inside JDOMResult) into a class in its own right?

Well, actually I only copied the class name and the public constructor and 
left the other two methods as they add features that are not needed by 
In that case, I do think coping-pasting is preferable.


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