[jdom-interest] Convoluted Document Construction on b10

Stefano Santoro Stefano.Santoro at nokia.com
Wed Mar 31 15:01:16 PST 2004


I have been an avid fan of jdom-b9. I have recommended
many of the vendors we work with to support jdom directly,
and pushing all of my teams members that participate on
various JSRs (XQuery, and JAXB) to champion further
integration with JDOM.

So I was a bit taken back when I found out that JDOM b10
no longer support elegant document constructions like this one

        Element webel = new Element("web-email", _wenfns);

	  (new Element("message-id", _wenfns)
	   .addContent( Long.toString(req.getLegacyId())))
	  (new Element( "sender", _wenfns)
	    .setAttribute( "address", req.getSender())
	    .addContent( "A Sender Dude"))
	  (new Element( "recipient", _wenfns)
	   .setAttribute( "address", req.getRecipient())
	   .addContent( "A Recipient Dude"))
	  (new Element( "subject", _wenfns)

Is this a planned disruption? Or is this being addressed?


Stefano Santoro <Stefano.Santoro at nokia.com>
Java Platform, Messaging Architect

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