[jdom-interest] getting xpath of modified jtree-view

Daniel Purucker dpu at daniel-purucker.de
Sun Mar 28 04:57:57 PST 2004

Thanx for the responses so far,

> If you really think you need to build an XPath expression to select 
> the current node,

Is there another solution?
My problem is, that the current jtree doesn't show the whole jdom-mdel. 
In some cases it shows the tags, in some it shows the attributes and in 
some just the name of a cild.
I think there is no possibility to retrive the complete xpath (based on 
the jdom-model) from this "cut" representation... Or is there any?
That's why i think the org.jdom.contrib.helpers.XPathHelper doesn't 
suit my needs.
Somehow i have to "synchronize" the jtree-representation and the 
underlying jdom-model.
Is there any technique ?


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