[jdom-interest] Filtering comments

Jason Hunter jhunter at xquery.com
Fri Mar 19 10:03:39 PST 2004

Here's how I'd do it:

In the latest CVS, the factory impls have an addContent(Parent, Content) 
method called to add the content to the parent.  Subclass the default 
factory, override addContent() so if the Content is a Comment, the call 
just returns without doing the add.  Then pass your factory to the 
builder.  You could do this trivially using an anonymous inner class.


Rolf Lear wrote:

> There is no current way to do that in JDom that I know of.
> Jason, I through this through, and decided to write a new "Builder". It may
> just be useful to others. Please consider it as a "contribution".
> Basically I have written org.jdom.input.FilteredBuilder. The code is
> attached. It is VERY simple. So simple I have not even tested it
> properly....
> Used like:
> Document doc = new SAXBuilder().build("....document source...");
> ContentFilter filter = new ContentFilter();
> filter.setCommentVisible(false);
> Document filtered = new FilteredBuilder(filter).build(doc);
> Useful? I use Clones to do the hard work, so it is somewhat memory
> expensive.
> Maybe I missed something already in JDom.
> Rolf
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> Hi,
> just wondering how to filter out comments from an xml file/string.
> Any idea? Browsed the archive but have not been lucky.
> Thanks,
> -c.

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