[jdom-interest] XPath problem using org.jdom.xpath

Bradley S. Huffman hip at cs.okstate.edu
Thu Mar 11 06:48:30 PST 2004

Laurent Bihanic writes:

> Jason, would it be possible for you to recompile Jaxen and update the 
> jaxen-jdom.jar in both CVS and the JDOM beta10 distribution ?

And if someone actually does this could they tell me the secret to getting
Maven to quit barfing because jdom-b10.jar isn't in the repository on
ibiblio. Changing the URL in project.xml or build.xml doesn't seem to work.

Many, many thanks to Jason or whoever put build.bat and build.sh in the CVS
so once you download the code, you can type one command, and it actual works.
I wish other projects would follow suit.


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