[jdom-interest] ClassCast:troubles: getContent(index).clone()

Robert Stukey restukey at erols.com
Wed Mar 10 18:23:58 PST 2004

           Yes, it had me confused on that one. I was just trying to get a
previous element based on the index. I wasn't really sure how the casting
worked once I was using getContent(), but I did a work around with the
iterator. If someone can explain the casting please do.

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On Wednesday 10 March 2004 20:30, Robert Stukey wrote:
>          I am trying to get a clone of an Element at a certain index, but
> am throwing some Class Cast Exceptions? I've tried it enough ways to
> consider myself beaten. Any insight on what I am doing wrong would be
> appreciated, thanks.
>          Element x = (Element)root.getContent(index).clone();
> java.lang.ClassCastException: org.jdom.Text
> 	BlogArchive.findElement(BlogArchive.java:127)
> 	BlogArchive.doGet(BlogArchive.java:70)

Text is-not-an Element. It seems you are not expecting Text here.

-- robin

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