[jdom-interest] Web Services

Philipp Groschler philipp.groeschler at kamp-dsl.de
Wed Mar 10 07:30:21 PST 2004

Currently we (a friend and I) are writing a Content and Application
Management System, widely based on JDOM and several other XML-Tools. The
System is specially designed to provide a platform for web sites and
applications, therefore we currently invest most of our time in writing
a stable and fast HTTP service.

Due to the lack of time besides our studying, where not even in Alpha
state yet. But it looks very good until now ;-) So, if anyone is
interested in what one can do with JDOM ...

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> Subject: [jdom-interest] Web Services
> Has anybody used JDOM for web services? Most tutorials use JAXP or
> Xerces, which I think are a lot harder to use.
> Right now I am more interested in consuming/subscribing to
> web services
> than in providing one.
> EKMacAdie

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