[jdom-interest] Request -- please allow all XML 1.1 conformant text in Element.se tText()

Jason Hunter jhunter at xquery.com
Fri Mar 5 14:28:14 PST 2004

Casey.Bowman at wellsfargo.com wrote:

> In the JDOM 1.0 beta, when a control character is included that was
> prohibited in XML 1.0 but is now allowed in XML 1.1, there is an
> IllegalDataException thrown (at least with ASCII 22).  Please consider
> allowing such characters to pass through, encoding them per the
> recommendation.

XML 1.1 conformance is something to consider after the 1.0 release.

In the meanwhile, you can either alter your copy of the Verifier or (and 
Rusty's gonna hate me for this) you could use the new (post-b10) 
UncheckedJDOMFactory class with its text(str) method returning a Text 
node that isn't Verifier checked.  But of course you're flying without a 
net there.


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