[jdom-interest] JDOM-based XSL Transformer

Philipp Gröschler philipp.groeschler at kamp-dsl.de
Wed Jul 7 08:18:42 PDT 2004

Is someone interested in, or just at this moment coding on a XSL Transformer
project which is based directly on JDOM? Or are there projects out there
which one could join?

Thoughts came to me, that it could give a nice performance boost if a
transformer would directly work with JDOM technology, instead of converting
objects into source streams, stuffing that into a standard transformer
instance, re-converting the output stream back into objects ...

Has someone done any testing about this issue? I realized that in my
web-project, nearly 80%-90% of execution time (measured from accepting the
network connection to finally delivering the result) per single request go
into the part of the XSL transformation. And the stylesheets and XML sources
I use at the moment are rather simple.

Greetings >>>> Philipp

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