[jdom-interest] How to override document embedded DTD?

Stefan Plattner jdom at plattner.ws
Mon Aug 30 01:53:57 PDT 2004

Is my question too simple/stupid or does just nobody know an answer to my 
Please give me a hint!

with kind regards

Stefan Plattner

--On Dienstag, 17. August 2004 13:29 +0200 Stefan Plattner 
<jdom at plattner.ws> wrote:

> Hello JDOM-Professionals!
> I have a XML related question which may not really match with this list
> but I really hope someone of you would be so kind to answer.
> At the moment I build a JDOM document with a code snippet like this
>     this.builder = new org.jdom.input.SAXBuilder();
>     this.doc = builder.build(filename);
> Is there a way to override a documented embedded DTD which is then used
> to validate and for entity resolvement on parsing?
> with kind regards,
> Stefan
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