[jdom-interest] Reinitialisation

Gareth Hughes gareth.hughes at steintravel.ie
Fri Aug 20 07:20:49 PDT 2004

I'm building a JDOM Doc and eventually attaching the resulting XML doc to a
SAAJ SOAPMessage. I'm using the SOAPMessage.writeTo method to output the
message to a file for visual verification. The attached XML contains a blank
line where I removed the element in question (using

This is causing problems with my SOAP req. I hoping there is some way I can
reinitialise the JDOM doc before attachment to the SOAPMessage.

Any help is much appreciated. 

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Gareth Hughes wrote:

> Hi, Could anyone tell me how to reinitialise a JDOM Document after an 
> element has been removed.


How do you output the Document. Using
should do the trick.


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