[jdom-interest] Re: JDOM now lives at Kattare

Jason Hunter jhunter at xquery.com
Thu Aug 12 03:08:49 PDT 2004

Resending as the first shot didn't make it to everyone.


Jason Hunter wrote:

> This is the first mailing to jdom-interest now located on new hardware 
> at a new hosting provider running a new version of Mailman.  If we did 
> our job well, you'll hardly be able to notice the difference.  Let me 
> know if you experience any glitches.
> The new hosting provider is Kattare.  They've had the most positive 
> reviews of any ISP at Servlets.com 
> (http://www.servlets.com/isps/servlet/ISPReviewView?id=33).  In helping 
> with this move they've lived up to their stellar reviews.  I highly 
> recommend them.
> -jh-

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