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Fri Aug 6 17:04:17 PDT 2004

itself. Everything else should be valid, ASSUMING your ENCODING is correct. Maybe
you are using ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8, or something?

If the content contains CDATA content.... I think the JDOM auto-escapes it. If not,
you could also UUENCODE it.


10/31/2002 7:03:58 PM, Duane Morin <dmorin at> wrote:

>I'm writing an email agent, and wanted to keep the headers in XML using 
>JDOM.   But I've run into an interesting problem with a line that 
>contains special characters. Actually, I can't even cut and paste the 
>line because it screws up my editor.  In short, this Japanese 
>spam has special characters in it that are very bad.
>The *problem* is that JDOM allows me to create a CDATA object with this 
>value, no problem.  But when I write out that XML and then try to read it 
>back, I get an IllegalDataException on some of the special characters.
>Is that right?  Should I be allowed to create the CDATA, write it, but 
>then throw an exception when reading it back?  More useful to me, is there 
>a way for me to prevent this at either end, such as by testing the 
>validity of the CDATA section when I create it?
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