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years) they both work well together.


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Thanks for the response.

My friend and I burned 2 days last week working on this.

We did what you suggested on the 2nd day and were able to compile.

The next problem occurred in the WTE (WebSphere Test Environment).  When we
try to put JDOM code in a Stateless Session Bean, WTE barfs on it.

We use IBM's EJB debugger and walk through the code and when it hits JDOM
code bizzaro things happen ... the code will run, but not correctly.  For
example, any XML string we try to parse comes back with random errors.  We
debugged this by creating trivial XML fragments and trying to parse them.
All to no avail.

Our plan is to try to skip the WTE and just see if WebSphere will run it.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again guys!


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>Hello Mike,
>JDOM works very well in both WebSphere and in the VAJ IDE.
>The conflicts that you encounter are because both WebSphere and VAJ comes
>with XML4j v2.0.16 which is DOM level I.
>All you need to do is get rid of the org.w3c.* DOM level I interfaces and
>use DOM level II (in Xerces for instance)
>BTW - I do think that we should include in the FAQ IDE/AppServer specific
>instructions of using JDOM.
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>Subject: [jdom-interest] JDOM & WebSphere???
>Has anyone used JDOM successfully with IBM WebSphere?
>I implemented some code with JDOM that worked great in JBuilder, but it
>doesn't work at all with the WebSphere test environment.  I got conflicts
>with XML4J within Visual Age.
>Has anyone successfully worked with JDOM on WebSphere?
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