[jdom-interest] CDATA and XMLOutputter - problem with normalization

Rick Beton richard.beton at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Apr 22 15:45:05 PDT 2004

Bradley S. Huffman wrote:

>>2. My more general question is this: I noticed that org.jdom.CDATA
>>extends org.jdom.Text. What is the rationale for CDATA extending Text?
>A CDATA section is just syntax suger, a convinence to the document author
>so they don't have to escape a whole bunch of < and & characters.

I didn't pose my question very well, but from your answer maybe Text 
should extend CDATA rather than vice versa.  AIUI though, CDATA and 
general character data are two different things in XML and should 
(ideally) be represented that way.  However, no point changing it now.

What do you think of my suggested patches?

Rick :-)

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