[jdom-interest] [OT] HTML in XML

Eric VERGNAUD eric.vergnaud at wanadoo.fr
Thu Apr 22 03:09:01 PDT 2004

le 22/04/04 11:41, Phil Weighill-Smith à phil.weighill-smith at volantis.com a
écrit :

> Can you not write XHTML instead?

Believe me, I would if I could. But I'm not the writer. The HTML is written
by end users, stored in my app, and sent to other apps on which I have no

> A common way around browser
> incompatibility between HTML (SGML) and XHTML (XML) is to ensure that
> there is a space before the "/>", e.g. "<br>" is written as "<br />".
> This works in most browsers.

But I also need to support <b>Hello</b>, where both tags must be part of the
text value.

Currently I convert the "<" to "&lt;" and ">" to "&gt;". I copied this
method from Adobe's xmp format, but I find it rather heavy, and I don't know
if it's official. 


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