[jdom-interest] SAXOutputter

Mike mikeb at mitre.org
Sat Apr 17 19:38:07 PDT 2004

My opinion is that have a way to process fragments would 
increase the performance of my applications that put together
pieces of xml from various ontologies, formats, translations,
and other tools. For these things I cannot use JDOM right now,
and just keep the XML in string format, which is not my
preferred way of doing it.

Alternatively, one could have the tools output the xml
fragments to a file, put headers around them, process
and merge with using JDOM commands (effectively stripping 
the content away from those useless headers). In processing
an ontology I would have to headerize and deheaderize
the fragments tens of thousands of times, however.

So a seperate way of doing fragments could be a good idea.

Mike Brenner

"Bradley S. Huffman" wrote:> So any opinion on what JDOM should do?  
> From your first post, I assume your paper
> advocates only calling startDocument on the start of a actual well-formed
> document, but not when used to process a fragment.

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