[jdom-interest] problem creating Document on WebSphere server

Langel, Richard rick.langel at pioneer.com
Mon Sep 15 13:00:58 PDT 2003

That actually was the issue, sort of.  WSAD has an older version of the jdom library as part of it's install, so when we were trying to use the document class, it was already loaded by a different class loader, and therefore was out of the scope of the current class loader.  

Thanks to everyone for your help.


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Which version of Websphere are you using Richard? Websphere 4.0 and 5.0 
come with b7 of JDOM. Maybe that is causing an issue here? I have gotten 
it to work in 3.5.X and 5.0.X. There were no problems with JDOM itself in 
3.5, but in 5.0 I had to rename the jdom.jar that came with websphere. It 
doesn't actually use it for anything, so it shouldn't break websphere if 
you rename. They just provide it since it is so nifty... but it gets added 
to the app server classpath automatically by default. There is also a 
config file somewhere (can't recall where) that has the classpath in it, 
and it includes the IBM supplied jdom.jar.

What platform are you running it on? Windows, Linux, OS/400... ? On our 
OS/400 the jar was in /QIBM/ProdData/WebASE/ASE5/lib.

That may be something else to look into.

Dan Feather
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Hi Rick

I have successfully used JDOM Beta 6 with WAS 3.5 (which uses IBM JDK 
1.2.2) to create Document instances. So, it could be WAS JDK version or as 
John Webber says it could be security settings (although I did not have to 
make changes to any policy files to make it work).

Best regards


On Thu, 2003-09-04 at 18:19, Langel, Richard wrote: 
We have a utility class jar file that contains classes that create 
Documents to build XML that is used on both WebSphere app servers and on a 
Sybase Jaguar server.  We can get everything to work fine on the Jaguar 
server, and if we create a Document in classes not in the utility jar 
everything works fine.  But when we try to create a document from a class 
within the utility jar in WebSphere we get the error below.  The same code 
from the same jar works fine on the Jaguar server.  Can anyone give me a 
clue as to what I'm missing?

                 java.lang.IllegalAccessError: <my class> tried to access 
method org/jdom/Document.<init>()V

Rick Langel
Research Information Management

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