[jdom-interest] problem creating Document on WebSphere server

John L. Webber - Jentro AG John.Webber at jentro.com
Tue Sep 9 23:44:27 PDT 2003

Hello Rick,

I'm not very familiar with WebSphere, and this is probably OT for the 
JDOM list, but I suspect you'll need to change the java.security
policy for the app server. I had a similar problem with SunOne, which 
was solved by adding the appropriate reflect permissions to the
security file. Don't think this is a JDOM problem...


Langel, Richard wrote:

>We have a utility class jar file that contains classes that create Documents to build XML that is used on both WebSphere app servers and on a Sybase Jaguar server.  We can get everything to work fine on the Jaguar server, and if we create a Document in classes not in the utility jar everything works fine.  But when we try to create a document from a class within the utility jar in WebSphere we get the error below.  The same code from the same jar works fine on the Jaguar server.  Can anyone give me a clue as to what I'm missing?
>	java.lang.IllegalAccessError: <my class> tried to access method org/jdom/Document.<init>()V
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