[jdom-interest] XPath / default namespace

Rob Henley RHENLEY at uk.ibm.com
Mon Sep 1 01:26:35 PDT 2003

With beta9 I'm trying to use XPath against a document with a default 
namespace such as:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<definitions name="name1" xmlns="http://my/standard/">

Without the default namespace in the document, this works fine:

XPath xpath = XPath.newInstance("//AAA");
List results = xpath.selectNodes(myDocument);

With the namespace in the document, the above code returns an empty list.

If I try:

XPath xpath = XPath.newInstance("//*");
List results = xpath.selectNodes(myDocument);

... I get the three elements. AAA for instance is returned with namespace 
"http://my/standard/" and qualified name AAA.

I tried various ways of prefixing the element with the namespace without 
luck. I also tried:

XPath xpath = XPath.newInstance("//AAA");

and ...

XPath xpath = XPath.newInstance("//N:AAA N http://my/standard/");

(The latter was based on an MSDN article: 

Both return an empty list. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Rob Henley
rhenley at uk.ibm.com
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