[jdom-interest] special characters problem

Pramodh Peddi peddip at contextmedia.com
Thu Oct 30 10:33:47 PST 2003

I am using JDOM Beta 8 version for XML parsing. we are happening to have lot
of special characters (like registered marks, copyright symbols, trade
marks, and other many funky chars). After building the document, the parser
is converting the characters into "?" characters. This is what I am doing to
build the document:

// Method to return a Document object given an xml String

public Document getDocumentfromString(String xmlString)

throws Exception {

Document schemaDoc = null;

SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder(false);

String resultingXML = null;



schemaDoc =


new StringReader(xmlString));

}catch(JDOMException jdomex){

throw new Exception("Document could not be built: " + jdomex);



log.info("xmlString is null");


return schemaDoc;



It is working fine on Windows (2000) machine, but spitting "?" symbols in
place of special chars on UNIX machines.

I used to use schemaDoc = builder.build(new

to build the document in place of StringReader, but it was changing the
encoding and throwing exception saying the special

chars don't belong to UTF-8. So, i changed it to StringReader - which
doesn't throw exceptions but, converts the special chars to "?".

I also tried using builder.build(new



. But that din't help too.

Again, "?" are occuring only in UNIX machines, but works fine on Windows

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you,


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