SV: [jdom-interest] One less TODO item

Per Norrman pernorrman at
Tue Oct 7 13:34:19 PDT 2003

I can understand the redirect issue. I didn't realize the
HTTP GET problem, and you're obvioulsy correct. Then, shouldn't
URLConnection#getUrl reflect this fact, even in the absent path

A quick test:
      public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

	private static void testURLConnection(String uri)
		throws MalformedURLException, IOException {
		URL url = new URL(uri);
		URLConnection conn = url.openConnection();


Obviously, URLConnection records the redirects that are happening, but not
that it determined to supply the trailing slash on its own. Is this a bug in


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> At 2:07 PM -0400 10/7/03, Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:
> >I'm not sure if Xerces is correctly updating the XML parser with the
> >actual redirected base URI or not. I should write a test case for 
> >that and find out.
> >
> I've now written the test case. See 
> (with validation turned on to make sure the DTD loads). Xerces is 
> *not* using the right base URI. libxml gets this wrong too. I'll file 
> the bug with Apache.
> Hmm, looks like I already did. See 
> Bugzilla says it was fixed in CVS a couple of weeks after the release 
> of Xerces-J 2.5, so presumably the fix will show up in 2.6 which last 
> I heard was due in November.
> Once that's done, all JDOM should need to do is bundle Xerces 2.6 or 
> later and make sure it's used instead of the JDK default parser and 
> this should all take care of itself.
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