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Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at
Tue Oct 7 11:04:55 PDT 2003

At 7:15 PM +0200 10/7/03, Per Norrman wrote:

>I looked again at the RFC 2396, and I'm now leaning on that the correct
>resolution of DTD/xyz to the base URI
>is indeed  http://www.cafeconleche.orgDTD/xyz. Obviously, this is not
>the desired result, but there is a concise algorithm in the spec
>that yields this result!. Perhaps this quote from section 5.1.4 of said
>document encapsulates the problem:

It's not just RFC 2396 that's involved here. It's HTTP. Without 
appending the / you can;t even make the request to the web server. 
That is, HTTP does not allow you to say:


You have to say

GET / HTTP/1.0

The problem is that the HTTP client makes this change, so the 
document returned does indeed have the proper base URI of The problem is when the parser does not 
use the actual base URI of the document to resolve the relative URIs 
in that document. Instead it uses the original request URI. The HTTP 
client part of the code changed this URI, but the XML parser's view 
of the URI did not change in sync.


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