[jdom-interest] One less TODO item

Per Norrman pernorrman at telia.com
Tue Oct 7 03:26:15 PDT 2003


I was looking at the TODO.txt file, to see if I could
do anything to make is shorter. 

* Rusty bug report: "While testing this patch, I noticed a significant and
  likely unrelated bug in the SAXBuilder class when loading URLs such as 
  http://www.cafeconleche.org with no trailing slash. Relative URLs that 
  point to DTDs from the DOCTYPE system identifier are not correctly
  I'm not sure why. However, testing on a different system indicates that
  bug is present before my changes, so I'm going ahead and submitting this 
  patch anyway. Time permitting I'll hunt that bug down soon unless someone 
  else beats me to it. :-)

This is *not* a JDOM bug. It is the SAXParser's responsibility to resolve
the system identifier and create the input source. This seems to be
a dark area where magic is necessary, crimson and xerces does it
differently, and at least crimson gets it wrong.

I briefley read the URI spec (RFC 2396), and I must say
that I'm not clear on what the correct resolution is. This is how
the new java.net.URI class does it (using URI.resolve("DTD/xyz")):

http://host.org --> http://host.orgDTD/xyz
http://host.org/ --> http://host.org/DTD/xyz
http://host.org/index.xhtml --> http://host.org/DTD/xyz

Anyway, it is not a JDOM problem.


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