[jdom-interest] Transforming multiple sources into out result

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Fri Nov 21 00:35:56 PST 2003


Brian Sayatovic/AMIG wrote:
> However, when I switched to b9, I thought I found a better solution (which
> I ca't get to work).  What I'd like to do is transform using the
> JDOMSource(List) form of the source constructor.  As I read it, it should
> for any list of JDOM nodes (which I think includes, Document, Element,
> Comment, etc.).  However, after I transform, the resulting Document errors
> because "Root element not set".

This is a problem within your XSL stylesheet. It does not output a well-formed 
XML document. In this case, you should use JDOMResult.getResult to retrieve 
the output as a list of nodes.
Or, if you expect the output to be a document, try outputing the result to a 
file using a StreamResult to see what's wrong.

> I've seen some solutions that use the "document()" xsl function, but I
> don't want to use that because my documents don't exist on disk -- they
> exist transiently in memory (the documentation days that the "document()"
> function requires URIs to the XML documents which implies physical
> locations).

The JAXP TrAX API allows you to register your own URIResolver implementation 
on Transformers. You should then be able to resolve document URIs into 
JDOMSource objects.


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