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Alex Rosen arosen at novell.com
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BTW whether or not the input file has this XML declaration, you'll get the same behavior. Unfortunately the underlying XML parser doesn't tell JDOM about this header, so JDOM doesn't know if it was there in the original document or not. You can choose to output the header or not, based on setOmitDeclaration(), but not based on whether the original document had it.

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>>> "Hainer, Neil" <hainern at jivanet.net> 11/18/2003 7:41:49 PM >>>
Your correct.  I was outputting the root element instead of the document.


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Two possible explanations:

1. You call

2. You're not outputting the document, but rather
the root element.


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I am reading in an XML document and writing it out using XMLOutputter().
The input document contains 

"<?xml version "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>

as the first line.  The output file does not contain this line.  Can
someone tell me why?  Is there a way to retain it?



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