[jdom-interest] Encoding of DB distorts special characters?

Pramodh Peddi peddip at contextmedia.com
Fri Nov 14 08:06:25 PST 2003

My encoding problem has a good progress.
I appreciate the valuable help so far on this problem. It was the encoding
of the shell/terminal, on which the application server is running, which is
mattering. It was showing correct special characters when the default
encoding of the terminal is ISO8859-1 and spitting ?? when the default
encoding of the terminal is set to ASCII.

Now the problem is shifted furhtur in the flow. We are storing all the data
in the DB. And it showing proper characters (®)  (on UI, we use web browser)
on UI when the data is pulled from a DB having W7ISO8859-1 as encoding. But,
showing some funky characters (like "B.") in place of the ® when the data is
being pulled out of DB having ASCII as encoding. The code is the same for
the server application and client application. Server side code has xml
processing and uses JDOM. It uses UTF-8 encoding while building the

I appreciate any help/advices!!


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