[jdom-interest] Error in build : trinity

John L. Webber John.Webber at jentro.com
Thu Nov 13 04:00:58 PST 2003

Can you post a sample XML file? Do you have a more detailed stack trace? 
Which Java version are you using? Which JDOM version?

Michael_Harley at bankofscotland.co.uk wrote:

>We have developed a servlet to take XML files, which uses the JDOM Parser
>in the JAVA code.
>Tests were fine and the system is in production. We are now getting a
>number of exceptions (but not all of applications) from the JDOM parser as
>follows :
>SAXBuilder.build (inputStream) ->
>Error Message : Document failed XML parsing Error in building: trin
>???The 'trinity' word does not exist in the XML file.
>When the files are resent or POSTed from a test harness they are parsed
>with no error.
>Any help to guide us to a solution is appreciated.
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