[jdom-interest] cannot access org.xml.sax.InputSource

Gloria Teng tengszet at comp.nus.edu.sg
Sat Nov 8 21:49:12 PST 2003

I have installed jdom on solaris 5.8 using ant. I have also set the
environment variables
JAVA_HOME to my jdk1.4 path, the CLASSPATH to xerces.jar,jdom.jar.
When I javac any java file(for eg.SAXBuilderDemo.java) in the jdom samples
directory, I get this message:
SAXBuilderDemo.java:122: cannot access org.xml.sax.InputSource
file org/xml/sax/InputSource.class not found
            Document doc = builder.build(filename);
1 error

any idea what's wrong ?

Thanks very much!


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