[jdom-interest] [ANN] JSR-102/JDOM support in commercial tool

Dev Account dev at altmobile.com
Mon Mar 31 17:08:36 PST 2003

(I hope that this post is understood as I intended: primarily as 
information. But since there is a commercial aspect to it, some 
developers "want to know upfront the cost before they read further or 
visit the web site" as others have said in the past. The Educational 
license is USD 49 and an entry level developer license is USD 79)

In attempt to bolster JSR-102 and Java technology based solutions for 
XML, I am pleased to announce that our new <alt> Mobile Internet Studio 
v4 provides JDOM support. Specifically, we enable the user to load (or 
visually author) an XML document and then our tool will generate Java 
source containing JDOM statements needed to recreate that XML document. 
The generated code is pure JDOM and can therefor be easily augmented 
with JDBC, etc calls to obtain dynamic content.

The second feature that we hope will aid a new JDOM user is the ability 
to do quick experimentation with the API. The generated JDOM source can 
be evaluated without the need for compilation as we have integrated 
interactive Java execution technology into our editors. I added this as 
I've seen newer developers become overwhelmed in configuring their 
development environment.

As these features are based on our org.w3c.dom Java code generation, I 
wanted to ensure that the JDOM API is more widely adopted by the Java 
developer community.

Finally, I was also planning our next release and wanted to get the 
list's suggestions on additional JDOM feature support.




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