[jdom-interest] How Do I sue XPAth with JDOM

Adam Flinton adam at softfab.com
Fri Mar 21 06:52:23 PST 2003

Dear All,

Happy user of JDOM Beta7 & about to upgrade to Beta 8.

One of the reasons I want / need to do this (because B7 works fine for 
me) is a requirement to be able to spit out an XPATH log record of an 
element which has caused /could cause a problem (with the values inside 
it) e.g. at the mo we're using it in conjuction with XMLDBMS to shove 
records into a DB where the field value lengths need to be checked 
against the DB field length (e.g. inserting "Great Britain" into a 
varchar(8) column is going to throw an error so check before trying the 

Are there any /where do I find the docs wrt spitting out the xpath to 
the current element. i.e. imagine my code is working it's way down 
through a JDOM tree checking the element /attibute values & it comes 
across one which ain't right. I have the element so how do I get the 
XPath to that element out as a string for putting into a log?

Are there any docs about setting up JDOMb8 with any ancillary jars 
(jaxen?) in order to get it to run ?

Lastly...... is XPath part of the main JDOM code yet or is it an 
"experimental fork" which is going to be brought into the main body of 
the code once everyone's happy with it? If so when will / is it 
scheduled for that to occur?



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