[jdom-interest] setExpandEmptyElements

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Thu Mar 20 01:45:54 PST 2003

Jacques Capesius wrote:
> Okay, sorry about that last post. I noticed right after I hit the send
> button that there was a previous question dealing with exactly the same
> issue. 
> I plugged in the setExpandEmptyElements, and now, <input type="radio"
> value="1" /> becomes <input type="radio" value="1"></input>
> the result is, I still can't select the value. Any way to leave out that
> </input> tag using a JDOM method?

The easiest way would be to derived a new HTMLOutputter class from 
XMLOutputter to handle the HTML specific aspects (closing tags, escaped 
characters like &eacute;...).
Many people would be glad is someone would contribute such a class !


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