[jdom-interest] Speed issues

Paul Hlasnicek phlasnicek at mapmobile.com
Mon Mar 17 07:55:48 PST 2003

Hi, Let me give you an idea of what I am doing and then present my problem.
I am using jdk 1.4.1 and JDOM in a Unix environment.  My code is middleware
and communicates to the application through socket calls.  So I create a
document, add in all of the pieces and send the xml string over the socket
where it is parsed by a 'C' xml parser.  I also receive the answer data as
an xml string from the socket where I parse and send the data to the user

There are times that after I received a response, I have to create a new
document along with root and children and respond back to the application.
In all of this, speed is very important.

Here is my problem:  The first time that I create the document, it takes
well over 500 ms (sometimes up to 750 ms) just to create the xml string, but
when I have to create a new document to respond with, it only takes about
150 ms.  This also happens when I parse the xml string that I receive from
the socket.  Why am I experiencing these huge differences in time to create
and parse?  What can I do to prevent this?  Is there a way to initialize the

Paul Hlasnicek

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