[jdom-interest] FW: [SOLVED] using JDOM with Tomcat

Jacques Capesius jacques_capesius at cnt.com
Thu Mar 13 08:15:15 PST 2003

Jacques Capesius wrote:
> AH wrote:
>> classpath a number of times and both jar files are set properly...So
>> to fix this problem I simply extracted the .class files from the jar
>> files and placed them into the JDK/JRE/CLASSES directory...this
>> should fix your problem...let me know if it works...good luck...
> thanks, AH!
> I did something similar to what you suggested. I just thought I'd
> write down what I did in case someone finds themselves searching the
> archives in search of an answer as I found myself doing yesterday.  
> First, I opened the jdom.jar with winzip, then extracted everything
> to $catalina_home/classes. it created the necessary directory
> structure in order for the packages to work.  
> then, I removed jdom.jar from my application_dir/WEB_INF/lib
> directory. 
> and now, I can run the jdom stuff from both jsp and java on the
> tomcat machine! w00t! 
> again, thanks a lot, AH. I don't think I would have thought to take
> the cap off the jar on my own. 
> -jacques :)

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