[jdom-interest] setProperties broken

Brian Ales bka202 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 11 14:31:52 PST 2003


Like some other people who've written, I'm throwing a ClassCastException at runtime when I try to use the setProperty() method of SAXBuilder or DOMBuilder to define the external-SchemaLocation property of my Xerces parser.   Any workarounds yet?   The problem is a conflict with JDOM somewhere, because I wrote a test program that just uses Xerces 2_3_0 and the methods work fine.   (It *has* to be possible to do this…)

I thought maybe the conflict was with the older bundled Xerces that comes in the JDOM jar, so I shuffled around my CLASSPATH, of course no luck, then I thought about rebuilding the jar with a more current Xerces in the lib directory, but the newer Xerces use 4 jars instead of 1, so I backed off from that idea.  

I'm using a JDOM jar I built from the CVS source so I can use SAX without the StringBuffer problems, and the j2sdk1.4.1.  Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance, 

Brian Ales

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