[jdom-interest] Bug Find (Beta 8) -- Element.java with Seriliazation/Deserialization

Jeremy Prellwitz jeremy at prellwitz.com
Tue Mar 4 18:08:21 PST 2003

This seems to be a bug, anyways......i can't imagine that it 
is a supposed to act this way.  This is my first bug report, 
hopefully i can continue to contribute more.....

The following is a java program that exposes the bug....if i 
run this with the beta7 jar it works fine, if i run this with 
the beta8 jar, the bug is exposed. This took me a small while 
to debug, as if i printed the contents of the serialized 
object using the XMLOutputter ..... everything was 
there.....the Element.getChildText(".....") method also works 
fine....., but the getChildren(....) methods do not.

Also.....is this mailing list the proper place to report a 
bug?  If not, let me know, and i'll report it elsewhere.



import org.jdom.Element;

import java.io.*;

import java.util.*;

public class test {


  * Class to expose bug??? in jdom beta8 Element object.


  public void test7() throws Exception {

    Element e = new Element("Main-Tag");

    Element e1 = new Element("Child-Tag1");

    Element e2 = new Element("Child-Tag2");

    Element e3 = new Element("Child-Tag3");




    // Outputs 3


    FileOutputStream os = new FileOutputStream("a.tmp");

    ObjectOutputStream op = new ObjectOutputStream(os);




    FileInputStream is = new FileInputStream("a.tmp");

    ObjectInputStream ip = new ObjectInputStream(is);

    e = (Element) ip.readObject();


    // Outputs 0   -- I assume this is a bug.




  * Command Line Executable Method


  public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

    test t = new test();




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