[jdom-interest] Re: When is 1.0 going to happen?

Bart Read bart.read at uk.lionbioscience.com
Thu Jun 26 07:17:50 PDT 2003

Dear All,



I read Java and XML 3 years ago (?!?) which talked about JDOM 1.0.  Erm,
I'd actually really like to use for a production project and I've done
so before, but the problem now is that the company I'm working for have
a very strong aversion to words like "beta".  If I have to use flaming
DOM to do this project it IS going to suck my will to live quite
rapidly.  I'd like to use JDOM very much because it's a beautiful API
but I don't think I'll be able to unless it says at least 1.0 in the
version number and doesn't use the word "beta".  Please, when will 1.0
be released?


Do you have a lack of man power?  How hard is it to get involved?



Many thanks,





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