[jdom-interest] output with namespace only on root element

tballen at copart.com tballen at copart.com
Mon Jun 9 08:32:51 PDT 2003

Perhaps I am misunderstanding how namespaces work.
How is my example different that the one in the JDOM FAQ?


At 11:11 AM 6/9/2003 -0400, Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:
>At 11:04 AM -0400 6/9/03, tballen at copart.com wrote:
>>I guess I did not phrase my question properly.
>>The child elements *are* in the same namespace since the parent element 
>>is in the default namespace.  (At least I think so.)
>And I repeat: I don't think you understand how namespaces work. JDOM is 
>giving you what you need and what you want, not what you think you want. 
>Consider this document:
><cprt:root xmlns:cprt="http://www.myserver.com/schema">
>   <test>Hello</test>
>The test element is *not* in the http://www.myserver.com/schema namespace. 
>It is no namespace at all.
>Your latest example suggests you are using the W3C XML schema language. In 
>particular, I strongly suspect you are using unqualified local elements. 
>Don't do that. This is a very confusing and poorly designed part of a very 
>confusing and poorly designed schema language. Set 
>elementFormDefault="qualified" in your schema. Remember, the schema has 
>*nothing* to do with which elements are in which namespaces. That is 
>completely determined by namespace declarations and prefixes.
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