[jdom-interest] org.jdom.Parent

Bradley S. Huffman hip at csa.cs.okstate.edu
Tue Jun 3 09:58:27 PDT 2003

Berin Loritsch writes:

> I forwarded the link to the Jaxen bug tracker--hopefully it will be
> fixed soon.

But it's not a bug.  If the Jaxen project isn't in sync with our current
cvs that's ok.  The cvs repository is a place for projects to throw
code for review and feedback before the next release. It isn't always
a reflection of exactly what the next release is going to look like and
until the next release of JDOM there is no reason for them to change
their code.

> BTW, the API change *is* backwards incompatible.  Perhaps you should
> choose instead to _deprecate_ the missing class so that users of your
> library won't have to get pissed off....  The deprecation mechanism
> allows developers to wean themselves from the no longer supported class
> over a period of time, and the compiler issues warnings to that effect.

There are no missing classes. The current cvs has two new interfaces
Parent and Child, the current release (beta 9) doesn't. Jason is pretty
consistent about deprecating (if possible) for at least one release cycle.


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