[jdom-interest] Schema validation with JAXP 1.2 and JDOM

Bradley S. Huffman hip at a.cs.okstate.edu
Fri Feb 28 09:56:35 PST 2003

Laurent Bihanic writes:

> Qestion: Now that JAXP is standard, i.e. part of the JDK since 1.4 and 
> delivered with nearly every parser, why not remove this reflection code from 
> SAXBuilder and make plain Java calls to the JAXP API (the way the transform 
> package already does) ?
> Once this done, JAXP schema validation properties could be set through the 
> SAXParser.
> Opinions?

So JDOM would have to be compiled with >= 1.4 (right now isn't it >= 1.2), but
would still be able run on older version if they have fairly current parser
that includes JAXP.

Sounds good to me, +1.


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