[jdom-interest] Entity value lookup based on name?

New, Cecil (GEAE) cecil.new at ae.ge.com
Thu Feb 27 09:55:25 PST 2003

We are solving a similar problem by have a second xml contain all the "global"
mappings.  Then we have multiple JDOM's in memory (actually 4 altogether) and
all are very small.

then of course it is our business logic that ties it altogether.

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Jason Long wrote:
> Maybe what I am trying to do is weird.  My problem is that I am getting data
> from a legacy system that has no unique identifier for items in an
> inventory.  Their uniqueness is determined by a combination of 8 fields.
> The client generates this data and upload it where I use jdom to group like
> items, calculate totals,...  Some of the fields are abbreviations that need
> to be expanded for display.  When I process the file I am adding these

I've read a number of your messages about this problem and I really 
think Entities are _not_ the solution. You're trying hammer a screw with 
jigsaw... it's not going to work without a lot of blood and missing fingers.

The simplest solution is to have a separate process that expands the 
abbreviation in the attribute into the full text based on some mapping 
file. You're not going get this to magically happen through JDOM, it's 
going to have to be a manual process.


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