[jdom-interest] JDOM white space probelm

Alexandre Gomes xandegp at yahoo.com.br
Mon Feb 24 12:07:31 PST 2003

Hello i´m having trouble with JDOM XMLOutputter. I don´t want to have blank spaces removed from element´s text but always my xml file is recorded without them.

The problem is when i use ´setNewlines(true)´ my blank spaces are gone when i have a string composed with only blank spaces.
When i set newlines to false the problem is solved. But i can´t have my recorded XML file messed, so i need to use setNewLines(true) with setIndent(\t).

i already tried this :

XMLOutputter outputter = new XMLOutputter();

and it didn´t work.. 

Please help me somebody, what should i do?

I´ll be very gratefull for any help!

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